Ain't No Funk Like Trouble Funk!
From touring the world over to their own backyard, Trouble has been laying down the Funk since 1978. And ain't slowing down yet!
Ain't no funk like Trouble Funk
Tiny Desk Concert
Trouble Funk LIVE!
Trouble Funk in person will blow your mind. We have new dates in 2021! But check July 18, 2021. For the first time Trouble Funk appears at WOLF TRAP!
Simply click on one of the dates to find out when and where we are playing. Check back often as more dates are added all the time.
About Trouble
The World's Best Gogo Band! Over 35 Years of bringing the FUNK! Trouble and Chuck started it. Everyone else - followed it.
The SOUND of DC was established as a heartbeat. That heartbeat was captured by The Godfather, Chuck Brown while at the same time, the Trouble Band and Show expanded that beat and locked it into a rhythm that is tribal, urban and now international.
The Start

Trouble Band & Show is Formed

Washington DC

Drop da Bomb is Released


Trouble Funk Tours the World

Washington, DC

Trouble All Over AGAIN!

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Big Story and Big Bio

The stories of Big Tony and Trouble Funk.

Trouble Funk Story
Miles off the radar of popular music during the early ‘80s, Trouble Funk energized their D.C. home with the sound of go-go music, an uproarious blend of swinging, up-tempo ‘70s funk and a ‘60s style horn section.
Big Tony's Bio
A DC native, Tony Wilson Fisher began playing music professionally as a teenager. As a result, the bands he played with had to sneak him into the clubs that served alcohol... he was just that good!